thinglets: a fitting last meal - drive-thru style

In happening to stumble across some unbelievable food stats, I decided to construct a meal that would save capital punishment expenses by likely killing someone while enjoying their last meal. The following meal contains:

Total Single Meal Amount/Recommended Daily Amount

  • Calories: 3850/2000
  • Fat: 125g/65g
  • Sodium: 3900mg/2400mg
  • Carbs: 571g/300g
  • Protein: 127g/50g

The meal consists of a Double Gulp Coca Cola from 7-Eleven, a Baconator from Wendy's, a side order of Poutine from McDonald's (that's fries with cheese and gravy for the uninitiated), and an A&W Large Chocolate Shake. Guaranteed stroke and heart attack. Sure you can get worse desserts at sit down restaurants, but the drive-up/thru is just so much more poetic.

Double Gulp