thinglets: The Real G-force

You can forget your crazy guinea pig wannabes capturing box office glory. This is what G-Force should be remembered as... well... actually it should probably be remembered as Gatchaman from the original Japanamation which didn't included the cheezoid Americanized 7Zark7 and 1Rover1. Still, the G-Force of my youth were Mark, Jason, Princess, Keopp and Tiny with the Fiery Phoenix and Whirlwind Pyramid.

Forget about the Rodents. Bring me Zoltar!

thinglets: My First Exposure to Anime

When I was too young to remember anything but the theme song, or even know where the cartoon came from, Prince Planet was my first exposure to anime. I cannot say that I continued to love the style for its own sake, but what I did love was Battle of the Planets which was the Americanized version of Gatchaman... just some retro kitsch for your weekend.