thinglets: Celebrities and Causes I'd rather hear from than James Cameron on the Oilsands

1) Justin Bieber on the Congolese tainted headcheese scandal.

2) Katy Perry on the retreat of the polar ice caps.

3) Lindsay Lohan on urban blight in Mumbai.

4) Oprah on salmon migration patterns.

5) Tiger Woods on the "new" Facebook layout.

6) Paris Hilton on AIDS research.

7) Flavor Flav on bringing the troops back home.

8) Tila Tequila on stem cell research.

9) Bill O'Reilly on chemical runoff of farm fertilizer.

10) Simon Cowell on P2P downloading.

Impromptu Podcast 41: What Are You Willing To Do?

Continuing a past topic from lovehatethings concerning the impact of social media on activism. What would it take these days for you to get off your ass and hit the streets over an issue or cause. Is clicking a mouse to join a Facebook page enough? Would friends, family, religion, or country move you to action? Lovehatethings wonders, ponders, blunders and flounders.

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