thinglets: Truth in (Television) Advertising

[Coca Cola, IBM, Microsoft, General Electric] Considering that 20 minutes of every 60 minute [Nokia, McDonald's, Google, Toyota] television show is advertising, that means that there [Intel, Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Mercedes Benz] is only 40 minutes of programming. And that a [Gillette, Cisco, BMW, Honda] 40 to 20 minute ratio scales right down [Samsung, Apple, American Express, Pepsi] to 2 minutes of content for every 1 [Oracle, Nescafe, Nike, Ikea] minute of advertising. As most 60 minute dramas [Sony, Budweiser, UPS, HSBC] parse that down to 8 minute content and [Canon, Kellogg's, Dell, Citi] 4 minute commercial blocks, it's not hard to [Nintendo, Gucci, Philips, Amazon] picture what such a model would look like [L'Oreal, Heinz, Ford, Wrigley] for blog posts.

And people wonder why I [Colgate, Volkswagen, Morgan Stanley, Nestle] get my content from the net. [KFC, Adidas, Blackberry, Yahoo]