thinglets: Truth in (Television) Advertising

[Coca Cola, IBM, Microsoft, General Electric] Considering that 20 minutes of every 60 minute [Nokia, McDonald's, Google, Toyota] television show is advertising, that means that there [Intel, Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Mercedes Benz] is only 40 minutes of programming. And that a [Gillette, Cisco, BMW, Honda] 40 to 20 minute ratio scales right down [Samsung, Apple, American Express, Pepsi] to 2 minutes of content for every 1 [Oracle, Nescafe, Nike, Ikea] minute of advertising. As most 60 minute dramas [Sony, Budweiser, UPS, HSBC] parse that down to 8 minute content and [Canon, Kellogg's, Dell, Citi] 4 minute commercial blocks, it's not hard to [Nintendo, Gucci, Philips, Amazon] picture what such a model would look like [L'Oreal, Heinz, Ford, Wrigley] for blog posts.

And people wonder why I [Colgate, Volkswagen, Morgan Stanley, Nestle] get my content from the net. [KFC, Adidas, Blackberry, Yahoo]
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Dude, well played!
or maybe the blog post changes into an ad every few seconds. or the background is an ad. or the there are ads between each line of text. or we replace all forms of punctuation with miniature logos. or each comapny sponsors a letter of the alphabet and every time it appears it has their own many possibilities...
Love the idea of punctuation logos... kind of redefines the concept of the 16x16 favicon into pixel-sized subliminal advertising. I think someone could easily convince Coke that would work!
Yes, Pixel Sized Subliminal Advertising, or PSSA. Sounds like the future of advertising to me :)
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