thinglets: Fontasmic!

If there's any doubt that I'm a fon of fants... wait... is that right? Anyway, when I visited the MOMA in NYC a few years ago, I remember loving that walking through the design exhibits, they had the wall of Helvetica. That said, since I'm digging infographics as well, here's a mashup of these two likes into a pic that someone else painstakingly took the time to construct. And I thank them.


thinglets: May I never see Comic Sans again

Just a simple series of questions to lead you to a font that is NOT Comic Sans. Do many of the fonts look similar to you? There's a reason for that: they're readable without making me want to dash my head in. Sound like I'm exaggerating? I once had to mark a class set of senior high school essays, of which, 5 of 30 were printed in Comic Sans. Strangely enough, all girls.

thinglets: Graffiti Creator

If you're artistically-minded, but consumately lazy (like me) you might enjoy to generate an image like the one above. It walks you step by step through the entire process online, using Flash, and allows you to print out your creation at the end.

Fun to play with and a neat way to make your a new web banner, my gaudy creation above was made in a total of about 5 minutes... gee, can't you tell?