lovehate: 80 Years Of iPhone Lines

Just look at the poor huddled souls waiting in line for the latest luxury gadget. All these businessmen with their suits, overcoats, and fedoras try to be on the cusp of modern technology... oh, wait... this isn't a San Francisco mall!

It's a line up of people waiting hours FOR BREAD so they can feed themselves and their children!

When I see twentysomethings in deck chairs with backpacks full of Clark Bars and Iced Green Tea, I start to wonder about priorities. Does having an iPhone 4 for two days less than someone else really impact your life that much?

I guess it's a matter of priorities. I wonder how many of the people in the lines are living on social assistance or bad credit and consuming the better part of a day or a week to have a phone that will allow them to see their friend when they're chatting to them from their bachelor apt. couch in the middle of a Mantracker marathon.

UPDATE: from @VegasBill on Twitter - Pizza is being served to the iPhone 4 line at the Apple Store at Caesars Palace #Vegas.