Algorithmages: Poverty and Wealth

Here's what the Google Images algorithm considers to be the most SEO-friendly representations of poverty and wealth. Added to the search was the "grey" preference filter for the images. I thought about prefering "green" for wealth, but the repetition of the book cover for Green Wealth was too annoying. Click on the each of the two pics to zoom up a bit, though you should probably download them to see them full scale.

I also dug the image of the pin saying "Poverty is a Weapon of Mass Destruction". It reminded me of my favourite song by Faithless.

thinglets: Searching for "Pictures" - The 19% Rule

Was just noodling around doing some research for a presentation next week and decided to get a bit deconstructionist by searching Google Images for the word "pictures". I'd have to say the first page results were more expected than surprising, but did probably represent a pretty accurate representation of web image searches:

3 thumbnails of a sexual nature

11 thumbnails of animals (many with captionz)

4 thumbnails of pics that are just kinda cool

2 thumbnails of pics that are weird shit

1 thumbnail of a webpage graphic to denote other pictures

So, out of 21 pics, I'd probably only have any use for the 4 that are kinda cool. That's less than 19%, and this value has become my new non-scientific de facto standard of how many images on the web have any real merit whatsoever.