thinglets: 10 Signs of a Great 70's Van Print Ad

Signs of a great 70s van print ad:

1) All the girls are wearing bikini tops.

2) All the guys are stoned or on their way there.

3 The Sun is smiling.

4) Speech bubbles pop up with great quotes like: "Did you know Street Van spelled backwards is Teerts Nav?"

5) The air is full of psychedelic rainbows.

6) You can clip a fill-in form to send for FREE INFORMATION.

7) It comes with a "Customizing Idea Kit" to help the guys... who are on their way.

8) Retro Terms: high-back buckets, ve-ry hea-vy, seat freak, do it yourself porthole, fat Polyglas Tires.

9) Van roofs are for sunbathing.

10) You get a free one year membership in the "Van Clan"... 'nuff said.

thinglets: Why Today's Print Advertising is Dead To Me In Ten Pics Or Less... Okay Ten!

The answer is simple. Print ads used to be weird while trying to normal; this made them surreal and, by default, intriguing. Often not for their content, but instead through sheer disbelief.

Now print ads are trying to be weird... and that's just real. You can't beat disturbing obliviousness... of course, you can just disbelieve all of this and think of this as a fucked up old ads post.

And I couldn't skip this one. Surreal for content alone.

thinglets: Vintage Tobacco Advertisements

From the fine folks at comes a great set of old tobacco magazine ads from different points in the 20th century. The selection I've chosen above strikes close to home as it is a Canadian brand and the apartment is decked out in an "oh-so-hip" 60's design.

Click on the link under the pic to see the full set. I sometimes wonder what people could get away with advertising using such a stylish shot. So many products would work. Imagine this same shot today with Canadian Club, Viagra, or (what I think would be way cool) and iPod with a dock.

The power of kitsch compels you!
The power of kitsch compels you!