The All New FREE lovehatethings 2009 eBook

Well, I've spent the past three nights combining, collating, indexing, and editing the new lovehatethings 2009 eBook. There are probably still plenty of errors in there, but I've never been a stickler for details... well, my own details anyway.
Here are some stats on two years worth of lovehatethings eBooks:
They're available both for free reading and downloading. You can read only at and you can either read or download a PDF at
As of this post, lovehatethings 2008 eBook has been viewed just under 8000 times at MyeBook and just over 1000 at Scribd.
lovehatethings 2008 was 107 pages, 39090 words, 221536 characters.
lovehatethings 2009 was 209 pages, 73114 words, 413672 characters. 
I never thought before last year's compilation that there would be anywhere near as much content there. I have to say that even though the process of putting the document together took some time, it was essentially busy work. If I could do it, anyone could.
Thanks to everyone who's read the lovehatethings blog or listened to the podcast over the last year and a half. I only get more encouraged when I post something one night and by the next night I have 200-300 views. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it helps the creative fire.
I would encourage anyone who blogs to consider compiling their thoughts into eBook form. With all of the readers coming out over the next year, this format might explode and drive traffic back to your blog and subscriptions. I hope, and expect, that all new e-readers will support PDF and that one day I'll meet someone at random who has lovehatethings downloaded while on the road.