thinglets: Can't Sleep - Krinkles The Clown'll Eat Me

I used to eat cereal for breakfast every morning and, as many children, built cereal box forts. I read ingredients, stared at prize offers, blankly unfocused my eyes in reveling at corporate mascots. And for all the staring I did at some pretty crazy looking creatures, the Post's Sugar Krinkles Sugar Coated Rice Clown scares the hell out of me even today. (Notice how they got "sugar" in their twice!)

Like the bastard child molestor son of Pagliacci and that creepy rodeo clown that you saw picking through the garbage under the bleachers when you were five, this freak (I'm guessing his name is Krinkles) has eyes that don't only stare through children's souls, but probably also try to catch a glimpse under the table every once in a while.

Is it possible that in the 1950s, a time that people consider the Golden Age of Americana, someone couldn't see this freak for what he really is?

And somehow, it's not as creepy as this...