thinglets: Gavin at the Butcher's

If you haven't seen the character of Gavin from the Kids in the Hall, do yourself a favor and check out this classic sketch at the Butcher Shop. As with most slightly bizarre humor, you'll probably either love or hate it, but that's what the blog's all about. If you like it, there are a ton more over on YouTube.

Cow's eyes, dog's heads, old phonebooks are ingedients in what? Gavin'll tell you.

thinglets: SCTV Half Wits

Okay... was running short on consciousness, but wanted to get a post in before the night was through. Perhaps one of the most classic sketches from SCTV. If you're too young to know - learn. If you're old enough to remember - laugh!

Eugene Levy as Alex Trebel, John Candy with the Flock of Seagulls Coif, Andrea Martin as the dim-witted Blanche, Joe Flaherty with the Karl Malden nose, and Martin Short as the determined Lawrence.