thinglets: Snack Foods Personified at the Drive-In

Remember the humanizing of food in the Drive In intermission spots? They often say the "toyifying" of animals in mass media has turned young children into unaware pieces of bait as they cease to be fearless of their favorite "Teddy Bears". On a barely related tertiary topic, did anyone every NOT want to eat the food after seeing it personified on the big screen?

You'd get to see Greedy Mr. Popcorn Bag withhold every kernel from the small Hot Butter Cup and then steal all the butter for himself. Watch the militaristic Ice Cream Cups follow blindly behind Major-General Ice Cream Bar. The Red and Blue Soda Cups stuck in lock step for fear of their Ringmaster's wrath.

All I know is that I could not help but enthusiastically blast the car horn when the excited wiener finally dove into the open, inviting hot dog bun. Hey, when you were a kid, you'd take a sexual analogy any way you could... maybe I've said too much.

thinglets: SCTV Half Wits

Okay... was running short on consciousness, but wanted to get a post in before the night was through. Perhaps one of the most classic sketches from SCTV. If you're too young to know - learn. If you're old enough to remember - laugh!

Eugene Levy as Alex Trebel, John Candy with the Flock of Seagulls Coif, Andrea Martin as the dim-witted Blanche, Joe Flaherty with the Karl Malden nose, and Martin Short as the determined Lawrence.