lovehate podcast 568: I'm Guessing it's an All Night Thing

Wherein I make decision about the immediate future of the podcast. I talk for way too long (in a whiny way) about VoxPopCon woes that aren't even woes. I recollect summer movies I must watch soon. I look to this weekend of an all night thing in Toronto with @mikevardy, @acurrie and perhaps even the authentic @scarboroughdude! And I recollect all-nighters of youth.

thinglets: Timelapse Toronto Driving

Just found this short clip on Vimeo of someone zipping around eastern Toronto. In itself, such a driving clip is nothing special, but I really dug the picture quality and some of the great perspective shots up the Don Valley Parkway.

Also, I thought this video clip was ripe for a soundtrack, so I'd suggest pressing play on the YouTube clip below a couple of seconds before [or buffering the entire thing]. I chose Highway Star. Any other clips we could do a "poor surfer's" mashup with?