thinglets: 10 Things I Learned Watching The Vancouver Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies

1) If you're the sole athlete from a small country, your event will be Alpine Skiing. Further, if your surname doesn't match with the primary language of the country you're representing, you probably couldn't cut it in your home country and moved somewhere where you could qualify.

2) It's amazing what one can do with sheets and lights these days.

3) I understand that a "copyright" name conflict exists for "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" that entails their absurdly long moniker, but isn't Macedonia 2.0 an option?

4) If four Vancouverites tell you they're going to show up to a Cauldron Lighting, only three will show up; the other will already be "lit" somewhere.

5) I don't miss Bryan Adams... at all, and call me anything but a Maritimer, but I just don't get the Fiddle Punk thing.

6) The First Nation's groups in BC can keep up that Potlatch Groove for a long time.

7) Gretzky never carried anything so long without passing it.

8) It's amazing what you can get out of 50,000 dollar store rain slickers and flashlights - it's like a Chinese factory exploded.

9) The Na'vi don't participate in the Winter Olympics.

10) Wacky Wailing Inflatable Light Bear and the Space Canoe needs to be made into a feature film.