thinglets: Tanzania's Albino Genocide

It's alright to do a double take when reading this title... I thought I might be reading an article from the Onion, but at least one editor in Tanzania is convinced of the country's moral decay:

"At the moment, we are witnessed unparalleled killings of albinos. Strange enough, rather than seeing concrete action being taken to stem the tide, almost everybody from top down is complaining about the killings, but no political will has been manifested towards actively protecting the albinos."

Apparently albino skin is used by "witch doctors" in ritual medicine.

I born, raised and bred in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and I don't pretend to know ANYTHING about Tanzania. I present this more for its seemingly surreal nature in addition to what I'm sure are tragic events for the families involved. When I think about the juxtaposition between North American auto bailouts and government changes compared to albino hunting... I'm at a loss!

You can't invent this stuff - whaddup Earth?


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Genocide's a bit strong isn't it? The figure stands at around 40 killed in the past 12 months. It's shocking but I wouldn't say it was genocidal just yet. Latest news is Interpol have been drafted in to crack down on it.
I totally appreciate your bringing this evil act to the world's attention. Something has to be done to draw more awareness, and addressing the solution. At the moment we are preparing to distribute a children's book called " LITTLE WHITE BIMBO" a story of an albino Eskimo boy. It is our intention to show albinos world wide in a positive light. as a rare and beautiful life forms.We are open to working with other entities with the same goal. feel free to contact us.



You've called him Bimbo? Little White Bimbo? Sounds like a porn title!!!!!!
yeah, ya know this era makes everything sound like a porn title. I just did some research(like you could) and Bimbos origin is Italian, for child. Also there was a comic in the 60's, and songs that that were fun and innocent.
But, adults gotta go dark with it. The story inside the graphic novel has nothing to do with the guys name.
It is meant to draw attention to stereotyping.
I'm glad that you've brought the plight of persons with albinoism that are being killed for their bones and skin in some countries in Africa. It is something that has to stop...apparently, according to a recent 20/20 episode a week ago (it's an American TV show), the killings continue.

Someone commented above that it couldn't be called genocide if only 40 people were killed, but since there aren't hundreds and thousands of albino people in Tanzania or any other given country, then I'd say percentage wise, perspective wise, this could certainly be considered a genocide, in my opinion.

Live on in peace,