thinglets: The "I Can't Believe I Saw It In A Theater" Movie

The Fish That Saved PIttsburgh is one of the worst films I've ever seen in my life. To top the fact that I've "seen" the film, I saw it during its opening (and only) week in a theater in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Believe it or not, this is the plot summary and probably the pitch that was given to sell producers on the concept:

The Pittsburgh Pythons are the worst team in the NBA. Most of the players think the reason why they are in the cellar is because Moses Guthrie who they feel is monopolizing the spotlight. So when they walk out, the towel boy, Tyronne decides to consult with an astrologist, Mona. They in turn decide to hold open tryouts and they only select players who are born under the same zodiac sign as Guthrie, Pisces. And what they get are some weirdos but they play together, they are phenomenal. When they start winning the owner decides to rename the team the Pisces.

Dr. J (Julius Erving), Meadowlark Lemon, and Jonathan Winters couldn't save this brick, nor could Flip Wilson's final film performance. This film is almost [and I emphasize ALMOST] so bad it's worth watching. If you're very bored, very lonely, or very high, maybe you could get more enjoyment out of this than I did as an 11 year old.