thinglets: Why Do Freeways Come to a Stop?

While I can accept the general premise and scientific conclusions in the annotated diagram above, I do think that some of the more creative reasons for highway stoppages are missed within its limited scope:

1) Hot coffee accident
2) Text messaging at 120
3) Oral sexcapades
4) Sleepdriving
5) Trying to find a playlist on an mp3 player
6) Tilting one's head back to talk into the Bluetooth speaker four inches above one's head
7) Roadkill, or soon-to-be roadkill
8) Air guitar solos inspired by classic rock stations
9) Nickelback song inspires self-immolation
10) Out of reach Cheeto

1 response
In Orlando we get this a lot. 4 exits before the Disney exit is at a crawl when you get to the First Disney Exit everything seems fine. People just need to be aware of which lane they are in and who is behind them and what exit they are getting off on. As for tailgaters bitching about the “fast lane”. I'm pretty sure tailgating and speeding are against the law you so justly defend when someone is in your way.