thinglets: Why Do Freeways Come to a Stop?

While I can accept the general premise and scientific conclusions in the annotated diagram above, I do think that some of the more creative reasons for highway stoppages are missed within its limited scope:

1) Hot coffee accident
2) Text messaging at 120
3) Oral sexcapades
4) Sleepdriving
5) Trying to find a playlist on an mp3 player
6) Tilting one's head back to talk into the Bluetooth speaker four inches above one's head
7) Roadkill, or soon-to-be roadkill
8) Air guitar solos inspired by classic rock stations
9) Nickelback song inspires self-immolation
10) Out of reach Cheeto

thinglets: Dirty Window Art... "WASH ME" doesn't cut it.

They say that you can find art everywhere. Apparently, since no one has told who "they" are and I'm not "you", I cannot confirm or deny the efficacy of such a statement. Here is, however, a convincing example that those who do not wash their cars are simply reaching out to the art community at large.

I suppose, by logical extension, all of you who wash your car must hate art. You self-righteous carwashing bastards, give the struggling artist a chance.

I pose the aesthetic quandry to you all: is this man's art about dirt, or the absence of dirt? You carwashers had better believe the absence of dirt, because, by this logic, your effort in washing can simply be claimed to be Malevich-inspired suprematism.




thinglets: The Car of the Future Ready in October

I never thought that I'd fear the idea of zipping around like so many characters from 60s sci-fi movies, but does this car look safe to anyone. Don't get me wrong, it's looks ultracool, but will this last five minutes on roads with ice, snow, or in temperatures of -20? Doesn't it look like one could just kick the axles right off this thing?

I certainly admire that the "all-electric three-wheeled two-seater" will apparently be ready in October '09 for a relatively decent price point of $25000-$45000 and "get the equivalent of 200 mpg and go 100 miles on a charge."

I really do admire the effort, but unless I'm driving this thing on the Salt Flats I'm not feeling too confident.

car of the future