thinglets: Graffiti Creator

If you're artistically-minded, but consumately lazy (like me) you might enjoy to generate an image like the one above. It walks you step by step through the entire process online, using Flash, and allows you to print out your creation at the end.

Fun to play with and a neat way to make your a new web banner, my gaudy creation above was made in a total of about 5 minutes... gee, can't you tell?

thinglets: Running back to the Homestar in the Sky

I'm guessing most people remember their first "run" in with homestarrunner, and though I found the stuff infectious for a long time, I really haven't checked back for a while. I guess I can't call web animation nostalgic, but a relatively new episode of Teen Girl Squad reminded me of the absurdity and hilarity of the shorts.

If you haven't been back there in a while, take a look and remember the glory of Trogdor, Fluffy Puff Marshmallows, and Strong Bad Email. If you've never gone there, Trogdor will burn your thatched-roof cottage.

Apologies for the less-than-stellar quality of the embed, but has yet to provide an easy embed option.