thinglets: Ken Carter - The Mad Canadian

This short film from the National Film Board of Canada gives me such a 70's retro feel. Remember daredevils at the local fair or track. This 10 minute account of one man, one car, one jump is very nicely-paced. Shows the crazy life of someone trying to make a career from dangerous entertainment. Certainly not a feelgood film by any means. If you've got 10 minutes, and feel nostalgic for the Dukes of Hazzard, give it a watch.

thinglets: the cat came back

Many Canadians are all too familiar with this classic cartoon from the National Film Board, but for the benefit of the unitiated, I submit for your perusal, The Cat Came Back. If you just can't quite appreciate the storyline, you'll probably find the music quite infectious. It's sometimes years between seeing this short for me and I usually smile a nostalgic smile every time. Hope you enjoy it.