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You sounded really relaxed, so it sounds like you've had a good, restful break regardless of tradition. We did OK here, we're still fine-tuning our Christmas celebrations, trying to balance old traditions with new; it's definitely a challenge.

Also, thank you for ending with Do They Know it's Christmas... I have that on 45rpm somewhere....

I was kinda relaxed, but also, it's hard to build up anger and go off with my parents, sister and a three year old down the hall.

I was laughing last year at Xmas in July parties... why Xmas? Why not just let's get wrecked on the deck?

Heh. I get the need to be hushed. We found the secret to a calm family Christmas was to invite friends to dinner. Non-family in the mix meant family was on best behaviour.

As to Xmas in July, well that's clearly retarded, but I've never understood people who have a burning need for an excuse to have a party/dinner/boozefest. "Let's get wrecked on the deck" sounds like a fine reason.