thinglets: Fluorescent puppy is world's first transgenic dog

I used to be in a band called the Fluorescent Puppies... actually not, but I'm trying to kill time while I decide if this concept is cool, horrifying, or both. The above image is not created through Photoshop or using photography tricks. The dog really glows red. Using the red protein found in sea anemones, the "cloned beagle that glows could help researchers to model human disease...." Or, instead, we maybe don't need jack'o'lanterns on Halloween anymore.

thinglets: When Pandas Attack!

Apparently when there are over a billion people in a country I guess that, by process of elimination, that increases the total number of screwups. A giant panda at the Beijing zoo has now bitten the THIRD person who's fallen into its cage.

My favorite quote: "The panda is a national treasure, and I love and respect [him], so I didn't fight back," Zhang said. "The panda didn't let go until it chewed up my leg and its mouth was dripping with my blood."

You know what? I don't care if it's the Pope or President gnawing on my leg - I'm picking up the nearest rock or branch and going homerun derby on his skull.

psycho panda