thinglets: China’s Shipping Container Apartments

Okay, this freaks me out. I know there's something to be said for recycling old cargo containers for a new purpose. I know there's probably a benefit to many people who would be living in even more squalor. There's certainly something to finding a utilitarian planning solution to homelessness.

And all that said, I really have a problem equating humans with cargo.

thinglets: A Manufactured Landscape

From a pretty cool doc that came out of Canada a few years ago called Manufactured Landscapes, this long tracking shot served as the introduction to the film. As you watch the over 4:30 minute long video, while one Chinese uber-factory is traversed, you get a sense of scale that is rarely conceived.

Very thought-provoking in its persistence and simplicity.

lovehate: 10 Search Results No Longer Number One On

With Google deciding to uncensor itself in China, perhaps some of the most popular search terms will no longer default to innocuous web ephemera:

Search term...

"Tiananmen Square" no longer yields a recipe for the Chinese answer to Nanaimo Bars.

"Dalai Lama" no longer results in a science journal about a cloned experiment on mini-camels.

"Free Tibet" no longer comes up as an incentive offer for an online casino.

"Capitalism" doesn't produce a top result about the ancient belief in SHOUTING IN EMAILS AND CHAT WINDOWS!!!!!

"Forced Relocation" no longer shows judo throws.

"Indentured Servitude" doesn't speak of the longevity of false teeth.

"Censorship" doesn't result in a large boat full of thermometers.

"State Secrets" doesn't point you to the number three soap opera in the country.

"Bloody Coup" no longer points you to a viral video of a pigeon being strangled.

"Overthrow" does not point to a US football playbook on how a quarterback should pass against the wind.

thinglets: China Celebrates With Synchro Military Performance Art

In celebrating 60 years of Communist rule, China trotted out all the flags and formed satellite art for the world to see. Impressive and scary at the same time. Of course I'm the type person that, when asked to march in a straight line, curls up on the sidewalk and goes to sleep until the nightmare ends. I guess they're trying to redefine what the world thinks when the name Tiananmen Square comes to mind. 39 pics in total here.

thinglets: When Pandas Attack!

Apparently when there are over a billion people in a country I guess that, by process of elimination, that increases the total number of screwups. A giant panda at the Beijing zoo has now bitten the THIRD person who's fallen into its cage.

My favorite quote: "The panda is a national treasure, and I love and respect [him], so I didn't fight back," Zhang said. "The panda didn't let go until it chewed up my leg and its mouth was dripping with my blood."

You know what? I don't care if it's the Pope or President gnawing on my leg - I'm picking up the nearest rock or branch and going homerun derby on his skull.

psycho panda