thinglets: Having the Baltimore Clap is Painful

I certainly could never have anticipated, upon reading the title of this short Vimeo submission, that three and half minutes could be so simple, engrossing and disturbing at the same time. At once a seemingly upbeat soundtrack yet searing indictment of the treatment of the working-class.

I was pleasantly surprised at the execution of the animation and at having to endure a sense of pathos at the end. Who says poignant messages can't be wrapped in an animated film the length of a pop song?

thinglets: A Manufactured Landscape

From a pretty cool doc that came out of Canada a few years ago called Manufactured Landscapes, this long tracking shot served as the introduction to the film. As you watch the over 4:30 minute long video, while one Chinese uber-factory is traversed, you get a sense of scale that is rarely conceived.

Very thought-provoking in its persistence and simplicity.