thinglets: 10 Additional Features The BlackBerry Torch 9800 Needs To Have Before I Give A Shit

1. Keys larger than half a Tic Tac

2. A slideout side burner so I can boil a pot of corn

3. A pre-loaded PDF of Justin Bieber's new autobiography: Tuesday's With Miley

4. A Colecovision emulator with Smurf's Magic Castle

5. A generous coating of grated Extra Old Cheddar

6. A 3D barcode that gives me a free cruller at the nearest Tim Horton's

7. A free bumper so that the antenna... oh wait, wrong smartphone

8. The arrogance to actually call itself "iPhone Killer"; everyone else does

9. A big-ass beer stein from the nearby Kitchener, Ontario Oktoberfest

10. And oh, I don't know, a brand and model name that didn't sound like 3 different concepts slapped together... sounds like a really long NASCAR race

Impromptu Podcast 42: Gary Bettman - The Wizard of Idiot

A frank discourse on the idiocy of Gary Bettman, the short-sightedness of the NHL, and why hockey needs to come home to Hamilton, Ontario... okay, you may not care about hockey, or Hamilton, or even know or care about who Gary Bettman is, but if you want to hear me trash talk the Wizard of Idiot for a few minutes, take a listen.
Also, if you're one of those "tech news" people, Jim Balsillie's involved, and, for those of you who don't know who he is, he is the CEO of a little outfit called Research in Motion who sell a gadget called Blackberry... not that we'll be talking about app stores or anything, but if the tech geek thing floats your boat, there you go.
Check out for updates on the saga.

make it seven