thinglets: Craz-E Burger - the 1,500 calorie doughnut burger

In a follow-up to the 2700 calorie UK cheeseburger stack of last week, I have found something that has less calories, yet somehow seems more disgusting. When I think of burgers, I don't often think of a "glazed" bun. Apparently US attendees at a Massachusetts fair loved it before they fell over from coronaries in the parking lot on the way out:

"Organisers of the Big E, which finished on Sunday, said visitors bought around 1,000 Craz-E burgers each day of the fair's 17-day run."

With regards to the glaze that I could not imagine enjoying, some of the PR for the glazed "midway heart attack" was sold as follows:

"The glaze smooths over the burger and oozes into a foreign but delicious combination with the crisp of the bacon."

And if you thought that wasn't enough - just in case you wanted your meat fix in lips, hoof, and ass tubes - another treat was on the menu:

"The restaurant also serves a hamdog, a hotdog wrapped in a beef patty and deep-fried."

After all is said and done, perhaps the best fun fact about this Aorta Buster Supreme is that back in Decatur, GA the burger is named the Luther Burger after food fan, the late Luther Vandross.