thinglets: Spiderman... the musical!

I wish I was joking about this. I wish people had the sensibility to realize that while music is lifeblood, merging it with anything doesn't end in positive results. I suppose after this I should just be writing " the musical" with jaunty little number about being misunderstood while growing up and big finale that incorporates at least three previous themes used from Act One and Two.

$40 million for startup and $1 million a week just to produce... oh, but Bono's involved, it must be good. I'm guessing every song starts with effect-laden guitar inversions strummed quickly and repeatedly halfway up the neck... I think it will be opening where the streets have no name.

Here's an idea! Give 40 struggling talented writers $1 million each and ask them to write an original musical. I guarantee at least a dozen would be better than Spiderman will ever be. I'm going to be sick now.

green goblin