thinglets: Crazy Sci-Fi Awesomeness

While I realize the style of this video may be seizure-inducing for some people, S.I.T.E compresses some of humanity's worst alien, dystopian fears into five minutes or less. Creepy, cool, and captivating: give this video a chance beyond the first couple of minutes and allow things to come together. I'm half convinced I'll be subliminally craving Hot Pockets sometime this evening.

thinglets: A Kinetic Type of Mic Check

If you search for "kinetic type" on Vimeo or YouTube, you'll essentially find video with animated text. They vary in quality from flat and simple, to those like this one. Above and beyond the fact I'm a Rage Against the Machine fan, this is an incredible video that could easily stand in it's own right as an official music video. The power of words compels me!

thinglets: OMG! DNAUXB FTW!

I don't know what could attract me to a 3.5 minute video with this as the narrative: "As his planet boils in the glow of a cascading Tesseract a young femto-panda makes a brave attempt to warn the galaxy..."

This is so cool that I had to share. You may have a seizure somewhere between 1:00 and 1:30, but once you shake off the colour strobe, the experience is worth it.