thinglets: The Stolen Scream

A great example about why a Creative Commons approach to copyright is so functional and versatile with the web. In this 10 minute doc, you are introduced to the content creator of an archetypal set of photos that was repurposed all over the world. He enjoys seeing his work used for non-commercial uses, but balks at those trying to make money from them. A very tight example of the inevitability of mashups and the proper concern about control over intellectual property.

thinglets: Green Tunnel

2200 miles of the Appalachian Trail packed into five minutes. Very cool and somewhat relaxing. I'm not going to be hiking the Appalachian any time soon, but getting a glimpse gives me a new respect for the trails that exist even in our own backyards. The Bruce Trail in Ontario runs right through cities and one really has to know where they're going to not get sidetracked by a Starbucks.

thinglets: "COPY"

Do you ever know that something is awesome, but don't know why? Such is my feeling about the 40 second video that is "COPY". Am I wrong in thinking that this is not the most infectious thing you'll see today? Check it out. It'll only cost you a minute.

thinglets: Atlantic Timelapse

I've always dug timelapse footage and I don't know why. Often times set in city streets where one can see people skittering around like ants, the method provides a certain macro-view of a place. I often think of the technique used in Koyaanisqatsi's "The Grid" where the head and tail lights of cars zipping in and out of the city recollected red and white blood cells flowing in and out of a human heart. It's rare to see good quality timelapse on water though, much less the Queen Mary on a run from NYC to the Caribbean.

Sit back and enjoy some majesty. And if you can, watch the HD version.

thinglets: A Chaotic Seizure Made of Jam

I'm glad that I watched the short animated film JAM as I thought it was really cool. I'm extremely glad it was under three minutes long as I felt like I was under the effect of some strong hallucinogens after the first minute or so.

The opening 20 seconds kind of reminds me of Larry Marder's Beanworld Chow. I don't know that this is for everyone, but if you want to test your faculties, it's certainly fun.