thinglets: 12 Curling Aphorisms as Metaphors for Life

Always make sure to keep your guards up; you'll never know when you'll have to draw on them.

There's no such thing as a clean sweep.

Sometimes you have to take a nose hit and then give it some ice.

If you can't hack it, get your rocks off some other way.

When asking for a double, always expect you'll get some ice with it.

If you're asking for bumper and end up getting a biter, she may slap you.

When you decide to hurry hard, always make sure you have enough ice to finish with.

If you decide to draw too much instead of taking her out, you may face an end prematurely.

When asked if you have the hammer, don't brag. Just ask if they have the stones.

To hit and roll simultaneously probably ensures a very chill evening.

If you've been accused of a hog line violation, immediately erase all of the web bestiality bookmarks from your browser.

When asking your Skip for a raise, give a second before leading her/him to come around.