thinglets: The DyscultureD 100 Propaganda Poster

I'm proud to say that one of the other podcasts I've done almost as long as lovehatethings is about to hit its 100th weekly episode.

DyscultureD was started as a way for Mike Vardy and myself to express our ramblings from the poetic to the idiotic about the dysfunctional nature of pop culture from a Canadian and world perspective. We've since added Andrew Currie along the way, and through 100 episodes have thrown various guests, interviews and indie music into the mix.

Every week we spend about an hour relentlessly critiquing all things web, tech, gadget, media, film, television, celebrity, and politics from a uniquely Canadian perspective. We liberally drop F-bombs. We complain bitterly. And we have a great community of live listeners who join us in the chat every week.

I would invite you, next Wednesday evening to join us by listening to the live stream and joining the chat at 9:30pm EST for the pre-show and for the full bonanza at 10pm.

You can listen to back episodes at or subscribing on iTunes or a like podcast aggregator.

I'm really proud of the work we've done with the podcast over the past two years, because whenever someone asks me where they can go to get a weekly dose culture from a Canadian perspective, I answer "Don't get dyscouraged. Get DyscultureD."

thinglets: How Do I Do This Shit I Do?

A question by Cheryl following the Why Do I Do This Shit I Do? podcast inspired the following post on methodology and gear.

"I am astounded at the number of podcasts you put together in a week -- how long does each one take? Do you script any of them? What about production, is it just record and go? What software/hardware are you using?"

My long-winded answer... because I don't do anything short-winded.

Nothing is scripted anymore. If you were to hear some of the lovehate podcasts from a year and a half ago, you'd find they were all readings of the blog posts - which used to be LONG. I used to keep the "scripted" and impromptu podcasts numbered separately, but as my time for writing became scarce I went completely extempore and merged the two streams at Podcast #42 of each and call the next podcast Episode 85. Most of the time, other than a basic premise to kick off the festivities, I have no idea where the LHT podcasts will end up.

The current lovehatethings podcasts are generally recorded in real time (10m) and then I drop some mildly meaningful music in the background, save it to mp3 and post it - total time about 25m.

For my other podcasts, DyscultureD and TV, Eh are just riffing off of whatever links we've collected. Best Episode Ever is riffing off of the show's Wikipedia page and personal recollections.

LHT is recorded directly into Cool Edit Pro 2.1 which is an old program that is absolutely brilliant and uses a ridiculously small footprint of the processor. The program is also used to edit all of the other podcasts. DYS and TV, Eh are recorded over Skype using a program called Call Graph.

The time investment for Best Episode Ever is very similar to lovehatethings unless I'm recording an episode with someone else over Skype.

TV, Eh editing is generally not too demanding unless I have to post-process an interview. I generally just add opening theme and closing theme and mixdown to mp3.

DyscultureD takes the longest just because we do segments and break between them. The breaks necessitate some editing and insertion of stingers. Since the new theme song, I've also taken a couple of minutes to record the intro as well. A no-nonsense quick edit of the podcast is usually 30m, but the process takes quite a bit longer as my upload speeds often add 20 minutes to everything.

As for hardware, I've got a REALLY fast Dell PC box with 9GB of RAM that helps speed the process. My newest toy is the Australian Rode Procaster microphone with shockmount and boom that I've had for about half a year now. (see top of post)

I also use a Behringer Eurorack UB802 mixer as I really prefer the sound of a mic going directly into the analog port instead of USB. (Maybe it's just the old musician in me, though I do still have a USB Blue Snowball and a USB headset mic for trips with my laptop. The Eurorack also facilitates anything else I want to plug in if I'm going to record music and add a keyboard or other instrument.

Posterous has really made everything else easy. I'd rather spend time on content creation instead of webpage coding, so I'm relieved that the advent of Posterous and my relaunch into blogging and subsequently podcasting had a serendipitous synchronicity. 

Probably more than anyone wanted to know. While it may sound a complex, I have also recorded about ten podcasts from Las Vegas casinos with my iPhone and nothing else. Engaging content and style will trump gear any day of the week.

thinglets: The Beginning of the End of the Compact Disc

With EMI announcing that they will only be selling CDs to large retailers from now on, and that small stores will have to buy their stock from the “large” retailers (read: Walmart), CDs and independent music stores are hearing the death knell in the not-to-distant-future.

Gone are the days I remember of growing up at the local record store and meeting with friends, music geeks, and other pretentious community members who spent hours debating who the best drummer was. It may have been a bit sad, but it was ours. I’m certainly not expecting the Compact Disc to be around forever, but to screw over the independent retailer and pumping business to a chain like Walmart… I better not hear any more stats about how CD sales are slipping as a defense against P2P; their obviously doing their best to make sure sales fail.

Hey EMI, the Jerkstore called and they're all out of you!

we all had to say goodbye
unlimited supply – e.m.i.
there is no reason why – e.m.i.
i tell you it was all a frame – e.m.i.
they only did it ‘cos of fame – e.m.i.
i do not need the pressure – e.m.i.
i can’t stand those useless fools – e.m.i.
Sex Pistols – E.M.I.

DyscultureD Podcast 39: Don't Be Dissin' Twitty

DyscultureD Podcast 39: Don't Be Dissin' Twitty

Show Notes

Remember that July 15th is Text Nothing Day

Full Dysclosure

  • Google seeks to be a gamechanger with Chrome OS
  • Rogers subsidizes netbooks for expensive data plans
  • Who should be the long arm of the net law in Canada?
  • Indie filmmakers support Bit Torrent technology and Net Neutrality
  • United Breaks Guitars… and then they break our hearts
  • Fiddy Cent works cheap PR with teen Youtube critic


  • Bruno models Number One behaviour
  • Michael Moore’s latest film a "love story"
  • Ryan Reynolds get greenlit as Green Lantern

Websites of the Week

  • Twitterfall - have a waterfall of aggregated tweets flow down your browser
  • Nerdfitness - an oxymoron by name and a good idea for us all by nature


  • Endangered Ape - Tales of Survivalist Horror Pt. 2

DyscultureD Podcast Thirty Eight: The Double Down

This week's episode!

My other web outlet is at DyscultureD where we do a weekly podcast on all things right and wrong with pop culture. Follow the link above to this week's episode... show notes below.

Full Dysclosure

  • The scratch ticket affair that is the MJ memorial
  • Bell buys Virgin Mobile and The Source
  • BNN buckles on IP and copyright video clips
  • Pirate Bay sells short
  • Alternate Bit Torrent options
  • Browser Wars Part @?$#%
  • Canadian made TV hitting US Big 3
  • Cheap Trick’s not-so-cheap trick in music promotion

Websites of the Week

  • Mike - - a simple recommendation engine for your NEXT read
  • Anth - - ever lost a user manual for a gadget or appliance? Find it here.


Laura Smith - I Spy a Monster -

thinglets: My Interview with Garry and Sachin

I don't necessarily like to crosspost my work at DyscultureD over to lovehatethings on a regular basis, but I figured, for those that follow from their own Posterous site, this would be of interest.

Thanks to Garry and Sachin for putting aside some time to talk to DyscultureD last week. Hear what the guys are up to and where Posterous may be going in the near future.

The direct link to the podcast via the web is here, or you can subscribe via iTunes.

I hope you enjoy the interview.


DyscultureD Episode Fifteen: "The Quint" is up!


Click HERE to listen or subscribe to DyscultureD on iTunes!

Full Dysclosure
MacWorld Expo: The Show Before The Show
Phishing for the Fail Whale on Twitter
Facebook Says No Boobs Allowed - Unless You Are One Of Their Policy-Makers
Why Facebook is losing its status as “Treehouse 2.0″ - Parents Welcome!
Spotify: The Torrent Alternative

Tech Segment
The 6 Things That Kinda Shoulda Probably Won’t Happen in 2009

Wheel of Pop
Movies 1990

Websites Of The Week

Musical Selection

DyscultureD Episode Eleven: Avast Ye Scurvy Amazonians

Click here for the podcast page or search Dyscultured in iTunes.

Show Notes for Episode Eleven

full dysclosure 
Pownce Pwnd 
MySpace verdict 
Firefox past 20% in browser wars 
Firefox Amazon Plugin to torrent site 
Mozilla Music Player Songbird 
Google Reader Changes

Choice DVD Gifts 

wheel of pop
Children’s Holiday Specials 

websites - powerful online image editing - pop culture revisited 

The Barmitzvah Brothers - “Library Page” from the cd - Let’s Express Our Motives: An Album of Under-Appreciated Job Songs