Podcast 141: Holy Shit! Anthony Finds Soul.

What can I say? After the last lovehate podcast, I felt like I had to redeem myself so people wouldn't think lack of religion meant lack of soul. The master of soul didn't die at 33 in the Holy Land two thousand years ago. He died in a plane crash, at age 26, on December 10th, 1967 - less than a year before I was born. Those of you Intelligent Design folks would have me half convinced if your proof started with Otis Redding.

thinglets: Breaking News... Eggs Contain Egg

While I know the litigious-minded proliferation of the western world with regards to out-of-court settlements with big corporations, the fear-mongering has become absurdly ridiculous when on a carton of eggs that contains pictures of eggs and a rendering of a chicken, the company has to list the allergy advice: CONTAINS EGG.

Have we been absorbed so far as consumers into the Sham-Wow death grip that in the future we will need our peanut butter to warn us of peanuts, our orange juice to warn us of oranges and our cucumbers to carry a label that says "contains cucumber"?

I also like the claim of "free range" eggs. It's good to think these eggs were allowed to graze openly on the lush plains well before they were packed. I know that PETA has been advocating for eggs to have a minimum of two weeks on the range before they are packed and subsequently boiled alive and dipped in dye for Easter festivities.

Eggs Contain Egg