thinglets: 5 Crazy Sci-Fi Cereal Boxes

As crazy as most cereal boxes are when they introduce characters and mascots, sometimes the non-traditional juxtapositions make for the nuttiest futuristic things you never thought you'd see as part of your cereal box fort.

1) Spock Sugar Smacks

2) C-3POs

3) PEP - The Solar Cereal

4) Quisp

5) E.T.

and as an added bonus... which isn't really sci-fi, but I imagine could get you high!

Impromptu Podcast 35: Star Trek's Great Dreadspectations

A blithe dissertation about the corner I've been painted into by the arrival of a new Star Trek film that is an old Star Trek film... can I look forward to past. Space, the well-trodden frontier. These are... were... and are again the voyages of the Starship Enterprise... again.

emo spock