thinglets: Silent Star Wars

I know I'm a couple months behind on this, but it is very cool. I figured there were enough faithful lovehatethings followers that had not seen this. If you're a Star Wars fan, it's probably the best three minutes you'll spend today. If not, you should probably pretend you're watching something by Fritz Lang and be all pretentious-like.

The only thing I'd change in the entire thing is replacing the final "dialogue" frame with "CURSES!" instead of the existing choice. Nonetheless fun a-plenty!

thinglets: A Great Memory of Star Wars in ASCII art by Telnet

How wasn't this one of the coolest things ever? I remember, over a decade ago, marveling at the time and effort taken to accomplish this. Even thought this only takes us from the intro to meeting Obi Wan, the effort is Herculean. I know that to some, you may look at this and think "WTF is he on about?" Trust me and watch.

Even if you weren't raised on with Star Wars wallpaper and bedsheets and coin banks and nightlights and... maybe I've said too much.

There's no sound to this file. Just pop on your favorite adventure soundtrack in the background for now and enjoy the ride. And hey, it's still better than Jar Jar.

thinglets: 5 Crazy Sci-Fi Cereal Boxes

As crazy as most cereal boxes are when they introduce characters and mascots, sometimes the non-traditional juxtapositions make for the nuttiest futuristic things you never thought you'd see as part of your cereal box fort.

1) Spock Sugar Smacks

2) C-3POs

3) PEP - The Solar Cereal

4) Quisp

5) E.T.

and as an added bonus... which isn't really sci-fi, but I imagine could get you high!