thinglets: Keep Your Mouth Shut


One of the bigger poster propaganda campaigns of the Allies during WWII was a series of cautionary tale against spreading gossip of where allied troops might be for fear of Nazi spies infiltrating North America and Western Europe.

The godfather of Canadian animation, Norman McLaren, had this take on the subject which is an interesting amalgam of some really striking images conveying a very basic thought.

McLaren, as always, finds a unique way to convey messaging that was done many times previously and many times after.

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lovehate podcast 187: Is The Church Of Tim Horton Next Out Of NYC?

What if the US remembered that Canadians burned down the White House in the War of 1812? Would they tear down the 14 Tim Horton's location in NYC in the same way they're opposed to a mosque?

Note: all regular content of me ranting in this podcast is Creative Commons, but I took the unusual step of adding a song at the end. I cannot attest to their views on the issue or inclusion in my rants... deliberations.

If you like the song (it's called The War of 1812 (The White House Burned) by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie) find somewhere to buy it online... I couldn't find a link or I would have provided it here. Here's their website store regardless.

thinglets: How Did Canada Sell Itself To The World In 1970?


A classic from the NFB called "The City". Just be aware there is a couple of minutes of darkscreen video while the music is grooving off the top. If you can't live with that, skip ahead. From the website description:

An animated fantasy that shows Canadians as urbanized people developing a vast wilderness with the aid of the latest technologies. Shown as part of the Urban Environment exhibit in the Canadian pavilion at the international exposition, Osaka '70.

CLHT 02 - Retro Canadian Radio Rock Podcast

This week I got some Radio-Friendly Canadian Rock of the 80s. Hopefully it kickstarts some very cool memories for you. While almost everything else on lovehatethings is Creative Commons, this is not, and if the CRIA or any of the artists order me to take this down, I'll gladly comply. But until then, if you dig it, maybe you'll go and buy it, which will make everyone happy in the end.