Podcast Thirty Nine: The 39th Step

"The 39th Step" of lovehatethings includes some ruminations on the "next" great social network, saving money on lethal injections through last meals, sleeping in a hamburger, and why I can't bring myself to care about award shows and Mac announcements.

thinglets: the ruling of the chair

This installation in Turkey shows just how many people in Turkey are standing today. What... too literal? From the Universes in Universe website:

"A gap in the row of buildings is filled with 1600 chairs. The quarter is characterized by hardware stores and small ironmongery businesses. After quitting time and on Sundays they are closed, and the streets are nearly empty."

I guess in Turkey they have taken to redefining "stuffing"... sorry.

thinglets: BE the topping

As much as I think the idea of the hamburger is infinitely cool in conception and design, I wonder if I could comfortably sleep in it. I may have nightmares of the Hamburgler sneaking in to steal me in the middle of the night... and not the softer-featured Hamburgler of the 80s. I'm talkin' the crotchety old sour-faced Hamburgler of the 70s.

I would also think that the morning ritual of organizing pillows, sheets, blankets and duvets may get a bit daunting in a semi-comatose state. Let's face it, if you don't get the design right on a daily basis, you've essentially got a big brown ottoman in the middle of your bedroom.

All-in-all the hamburger bed may be cool looking as a concept piece, but a bit intimidating for a good night's rest. Then again, campers in sleeping bags are spending their nights in a sandwich wrap or soft taco. And I guess you could say that the average person sleeping on snow white sheets should be chilly on their Klondike Bar mattress.