thinglets: BE the topping

As much as I think the idea of the hamburger is infinitely cool in conception and design, I wonder if I could comfortably sleep in it. I may have nightmares of the Hamburgler sneaking in to steal me in the middle of the night... and not the softer-featured Hamburgler of the 80s. I'm talkin' the crotchety old sour-faced Hamburgler of the 70s.

I would also think that the morning ritual of organizing pillows, sheets, blankets and duvets may get a bit daunting in a semi-comatose state. Let's face it, if you don't get the design right on a daily basis, you've essentially got a big brown ottoman in the middle of your bedroom.

All-in-all the hamburger bed may be cool looking as a concept piece, but a bit intimidating for a good night's rest. Then again, campers in sleeping bags are spending their nights in a sandwich wrap or soft taco. And I guess you could say that the average person sleeping on snow white sheets should be chilly on their Klondike Bar mattress.