thinglets: Sesame Surrealism

Within the context of watching Sesame Street as a child, most of their short cartoon clips seemed completely normal. Outside of such a context these clips are small surreal bits that seem better matched with Sprockets than Sesame.


...and just because I couldn't resist, the Count's origin with Cookie
Monster. The best part - Cookie's exit at the very end!

thinglets: Tales From the Beanworld

Quite some time back I was fascinated by a series of comics that presented a surrealistic allegory of society called Tales from the Beanworld. Now enjoying a cult status revival through Dark Horse Comics which currently has a web comic online and through the re-issuing of all previous material in 2009.

If you are familiar with Larry Marder's bizarre creation, you, like me, are probably glad it's back. If not, check out the web comic. You may be a bit lost in the mythology, but there's something refreshing about a comic that's not superhero-based. I encourage people to check it out, with a healthy suspension of reality, and get ready for a CHOW RAID!

The Chow Raid from fashionbuddha on Vimeo.

thinglets: "Neighbours" by Norman McLaren

Canadian Norman McLaren's pacifist satire during the Korean War. Music was done by painting "waves" directly onto the film stock's "soundtrack" strip. Much of his early animation was done the same way (painted frame by frame). Check him out on Youtube. He won an award in 1953 for best Short Form Documentary for this piece. The scenes with the wives and babies was originally pulled by the government which provided the grant for the film and was only reinstated in the 70s. Twisted, poignant, and mildly disturbing.