thinglets: Real v. Weird News

Call me weird if you want, but when I look at the "Weird" News section of a "news" website these days, things really aren't that different from the "real" news. In fact I sometimes wonder if perhaps the only difference between the two is that the "real" news is about weird people doing mildly out of character things, while the "weird" news is about "real" people doing things that are often completely "in character".

I'm not in the UK, but I do love's "Weird News" page.

thinglets: Bimbo the Freakshow Birthday Clown

I grew up with this demented, surrealistic freakshow called The Uncle Bobby Show every day as a kid. I don't think it ever extended outside of Canada. You know that creepy, perv uncle in everyone's family... this is him.

If you want to subject yourself to a WTF? moment or two as you watch the daily Birthday celebration from a host I'm sure was polluted beyond belief and a guest "Birthday Picker" who looks like she rolled out of his dressing room two minutes earlier, you gotta check this out.

Bimbo the clown looks like a hobo on a ripple bender and the crazy marionettes that fall from the ceiling are the icing on the demented cake - enjoy!

thinglets: Frank the Wrabbit

In an effort to promote some of the incredible work by the National Film Board of Canada over the past century, I offer the following parable of Frank the Wrabbit. A touch subversive and wholly satirical, the short examines several themes and does include... yes, you heard it here, rabbit zombies... well, maybe wrabbit zombies. Give yourself a ten minute surreal break and enjoy Frank the Wrabbit.

thinglets: 8 Most Fun Minor League Baseball Logos

The minor league baseball logos may not be the best designed or, in some cases, even appropriate for a baseball team, but they are funny or evoke a smile.

1. Las Vegas 51s - notice the Star Trek font and the alien head with baseball stitching calling an homage to the the mysterious government installation "somewhere" in Nevada.

2. Montgomery Biscuits - C'mon people! It's a smiling biscuit with a butter pad tongue!

3. Modesto Nuts - They need the SlapChop soundbite "How do you like my nuts?" played over the public address at every game.

4. Lansing Lugnuts - Looks more like something out of Mad Magazine than a sports logo. Why the solitary jutting tooth on Mr. Lugnut?

5. Fort Wayne Tin Caps - It's an apple wearing an upside-down pot on its head. Throw in a melting clock and you could sell this at a college poster sale.

6. Savannah Sand Gnats - That's one buff sand gnat with one flaccid looking bat.

7. Jamestown Jammers - Meet the ancestor of the California Raisin or the cousin of the Fruit of the Loom mascot. I guess they couldn't get the rights to put a picture of Phish or Jerry Garcia.

8. Casper Ghosts - Not too friendly looking. The name was an obvious choice. The logo looks like something from a Misfits album... creepy!

thinglets: Hot Beef Sundaes

I've either found a wicked new name for my next band or I just threw up a little. While I have no doubt that this probably tastes just fine. There's something very wrong about this picture. Now I'm not one who's all about presentation at restaurants. For me, good food and good portions win the day. This, however, has crossed the line of culinary decency. Maybe this would be a nice summer treat add-on to Pork Cones or Headcheesecake.

thinglets: I'm sorry Posterous, but I had to post this as well!

I don't know how to couch this in clever or witty banter. I don't know how to ask for your forgiveness in unleashing this on you. That I know something like this exists makes my world a bit less innocent.

And so I present... The Incredible, Edible Anus!

"The chocolates are small anuses, no "cheeks" or other body parts attached. The seem to only come in chocolate or solid silver. They are certainly a curiosity and would be a great gag gift for your less than conservative friends or even gifts for a wild bachelor or bachelorette party. Just remember they are chocolate so be sure to keep them in a cool dry place."

As the article states upon heading to chocolate anus site:

"it is easy to forget you are at a website that sells chocolate anuses."

A thousand pardons my blogging brothers and sisters. I feel shamed and guilty and not worthy of sharing the same web as you, but the site is called lovehatethings.