thinglets: High School Musical 70's Style

I figure that since the majority of people working at McDonald's now are high school students, and we all know that High School students are prone to break out into song about anything, these gentlemen (who were very happy at mopping and cleaning out grease traps) must be the closest thing the 70s had to High School Musical... expect Fame.

thinglets: 20 NASCAR Race Names You'll Never Hear

  1. The Vagisil 250
  2. The Preparation H 175
  3. The Thunderbird Wine 99
  4. The Al Gore 900
  5. The Heinz EZ Squirt Purple Ketchup 240
  6. The Dank Blunt 420
  7. The Edible Underwear 69
  8. The Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding 345
  9. The Oprah Book Club 19.95
  10. The Tickle Me Elmo 123
  11. The Texas Roadrunner Meat 555
  12. The Ben Gay 65
  13. The Stud 100 Male Genital Desensitizer 100
  14. The Bavolex Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief Formula 246
  15. The Shady Maple Farms Organic Maple Syrup Grade B Jug 32
  16. The Navitas Naturals Organic Goji Berries Himalayan Superfruit 007
  17. The Pampers Cruisers 911
  18. The Climax Bursts Anal Lube 202
  19. The Going Native Pumpkin Curry 747
  20. The Kentucky Chapter of NAMBLA <13

thinglets: 5 Crazy Sci-Fi Cereal Boxes

As crazy as most cereal boxes are when they introduce characters and mascots, sometimes the non-traditional juxtapositions make for the nuttiest futuristic things you never thought you'd see as part of your cereal box fort.

1) Spock Sugar Smacks

2) C-3POs

3) PEP - The Solar Cereal

4) Quisp

5) E.T.

and as an added bonus... which isn't really sci-fi, but I imagine could get you high!

thinglets: K-tel "Pure Power" commercial

I'm not sure what the definition of Power was when they put this compilation together, but Dream Weaver, an Alice Cooper ballad, and another ballad by England Dan and John Ford Coley have never screamed "POWER" to me. That, and a Kiss song that sounds more like Roots Rock than their regular catalogue, made Pure Power a powerful misnomer... and that said, the 70's cheese addict in me LOVES this freakin' album OR 8-track.

thinglets: 16 lovehatethings Anti-Smoking Slogans

smoking kills

  1. See ya soon, but probably not.
  2. You are what it sounds like when lungs cry.
  3. Nick O'Teen is the cancer leprechaun chasing a pot of tar at the end of the rainbow.
  4. The filter is to protect the cigarette from your breath.
  5. Smoke menthol. Like lacing your shit with mint.
  6. You are Darwin's proof.
  7. You can't spell "tobacco" without your lungs.
  8. You know all those oldtime movie stars that made smoking sexy? All dead.
  9. Worried about your teeth and fingers turning yellow? Your lungs are dreaming of yellow.
  10. Stop kissing ass. Get the butt from your mouth.
  11. Cancer's cool... if you're a zodiac symbol.
  12. If they put cigarette package warnings on milk, would you pour it on your cereal?
  13. Every cigarette shortens your life by ten minutes. Light up. I want your job.
  14. Light up. You're in my dead pool.
  15. How many roads must a man walk down? Don't worry, we've got oxygen masks.
  16. When someone calls them Cancer Sticks, let's not argue over the semantics of them being "sticks". You don't have time to waste. I'd rather spend our remaining time basking in your asphyxiating musk.

thinglets: Ben Folds... Frequently Bought Together

Ben Folds Frequently

One of the features Amazon has built into its recommendation engine is the "Frequently Bought Together" section that, I'm guessing, is supposed to inspire you to think "WOW! If other people are buying that, I should probably by it too!"

In the case of a recent purchase of, however, (and what I'm sure isn't a rare occurrence) there were two pieces of media that I could never imagine going together... ever. You see, the concept of "Frequently Bought Together" would indicate to me, more than once. Now I could buy into the fact that perhaps no one who had purchased that Ben Folds' University A Cappella! CD would necessarily buy the same second item before leaving Amazon. I more than expected the second item in the side-by-side purchase push to be another CD by Ben Folds or similar genre pounding piano rocker. I was shocked to find out that, as evidenced by the "Frequently" recommendation, the most popular accompanying item was the DVD Repulsion by Roman Polanski.

Ben Folds CD is described as "a great mix of pop-sounding arrangements (with beat-boxing and voices substituting as drums) and more traditional a capella singing (with lovely harmonies, etc.)"

Polanski's Repulsion, on the other hand, "shows us, in simple but effective terms, the horrors that lurk inside a troubled psyche. While obviously working on a shoestring budget, Polanski recreates with disturbing impact the strange and unsettling horror of a mind that has begun to turn upon itself. Carol Ledoux is not on a strong emotional footing as the story begins: she's at once compelled by and terrified of her sexual needs, and she displays an unhappy emotional distance from others that suggests a mild form of autism. When Carol is left alone after her sister leaves on vacation, her fragile connection with the rest of the world gives way, and. as she isolates herself in her apartment, Carol's mind fragments into a hallucinatory state, which Polanski manifests on-screen with an apt surrealism. Within the increasingly grim and shadowy confines of the flat, revolting images of rotting food and buzzing flies mingle with things that shouldn't or couldn't actually be there, and Polanski's impressionistic use of odd angles, visual distortion, and blunt, shocking violence make Carol's world seem as frighteningly alien to us as it must be to her."

Now those Ben Folds haters out there might think themselves clever by saying... "I get it. Ben Folds REPULSES me!" But to use film commercial techniques, I believe I can make the case for the tie...

The new Ben Folds CD is "simple but effective". Its "strong emotional footing" will convince detractors as "the rest of the world gives way". A "frighteningly" "apt" selection that will have an "impressionistic" "impact" all over the "world".